Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Seoul Searching-Day 5

Kim continues to BLOG fabulously about our travels...here

Giant brush sculpture
Happy shoppers
Gathering our papers
Betsy oversees the counting!
Buddhist temple
Courtyard with 400 year old tree
Installation by Jong Sub Lee
We meet the charming Jong who signs his catalogue for each of us
Writing lovely sentiments for Kim
More paradise
Can it get more fabulous than this?

Jujube tea time with a few faux pas and a lot of laughs


jane longman said...

these photos are absolutely stunning, & so inspiring, thanks for sharing!

Chris Abrams said...

Hi Daniella,
Wow! Since we met at Dorothy Caldwell's I check your blog from time to time. This trip looks like an amazing experience and I am so happy to share it through your photos and notes. thank you for the inspirations. Safe travels...