Monday, October 19, 2009

Seoul Vision-Day 3

detail of huge Tiger sculpture comoposed of plastic bottles
negative space says "We are all designers" in Korean
detail of "We are all Designers" (post its?)
The interior of the stadium filled with white "flags" on a grid-this brought me to tears!

interior ceiling of one exhibit
purse made of rubber bands!
a wall of milk crates filled with paper "balls"
where can we get this?
Drawing show performers

Today we visited the Seoul Design Olympiad at Olympic Stadium. The most profound concern was about recycling. Terrific use of materials, and wonderful innovative products from around the world. We were having another day in paradise. To finish it all off, a performance piece called Drawing Show was absolutely terrific!

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Ann Enkoji said...

when you said you were crazy for anything Korean, I couldn't see what you were talking about - now I can and I am astounded at what your eyes have been seeing all along!

amazingly inspired

thank you!