Sunday, December 13, 2009

Encaustic DVD is Here!

My DVD is out! You can buy it right here. I'm shipping them out every day, so you'll have it in time for the Holidays!

Sneak preview click here
There are also stills shots!

Suze Weinberg said, "OMG...I am speechless.....I just sat MESMERIZED for 2 hours and watched that spectacular video and I plan on spending another 2 hours tomorrow watching it again...and then maybe again and again. Holy was FABULOUS"! Then she wrote ann entire BLOG about it here!

Anne Smidt said "Wow!!!.. received your cd this afternoon & couldn't stop watching. am blown away & EXHAUSTED! You covered so many techniques.. Wore me out. Can hardly wait to go throught it again....." and then she wrote,
"Loved, loved, loved your CD. Daniella, I really enjoyed watching you on the CD. It's as if I were in your studio and you were speaking directly to me. You were relaxed, concise &, most of all, inspiring. Just when I was beginning to think there was not much more I could learn about encaustic -- your CD proves me so wrong. It will be a great tool for beginners. And, for artists with years of experience, it opens the door to more experimental opportunities.. Really, my head was spinning by the end of the cd. I watched the 2 hour cd in one sitting - couldn't keep from going from chapter to chapter. I really could go on & on . I also loved and appreciated the way you laid out the cd. One chapter easily led to the other, and so on. And of course, your packaging is wonderful! First class."

Sandra Anton wrote:
Hi Daniella,
Big snowstorm here in NJ kept me in the house most of the day so....I just spent 2 happy hours watching the DVD. Loved it. Great Job. Hope to come out and take a workshop sometime this year. Dec 20, 2009

Lisa Hochstein: Hi Daniella, I just watched the first few lessons on the DVD and love it. You have a great way of presenting LOTS of technique and useful information without being dry or overwhelming. But I knew that already. And your nails look beeoootiful!

Charlene Plagens: Hello Daniella, spilling over with inspiration from watching your new the card attached with your photo and all that dreamy shredded journal dripping all ovr' the place...can't wait to get back to work after these last crazy days of holidays seep through me. Cheers!

David A. Clark: Daniella, loved your DVD. You cover so much. And I loved the variety of what you covered. And it was shot really well. Great work.
Lorrie Fredette said: Hi Daniella,
While working Monday at R&F, I had the opportunity to watch you NEW video. Congratulations on a well done, clear and visually beautiful work. Bravo! I'll be ordering one after the holiday with money from Santa.

Gregory Wright: Hi Daniella, I just wanted to say that I LOVED the DVD! I have several students that are fiber artists in my encaustic workshops and I got a lot of great ideas for them from your DVD. It was a delight to watch. Happy New Year!

Brenda says, "I am half way through your dvd, I love it! You sound like me when you talk about how the wax changes the paper to translucency. That is what I love the layers, just like everyone's murky memories. I went to sleep thinking of drywall tape. I have only used glossy card and canvas. Looking forward to seeing the rest, kind of like chocolate, didn't want to eat it all at once. Thanks for making this DVD."

Thank you for sending the DVD first class and adding the personal touch of your note. I am thoroughly enjoying the video lessons: I feel as though I am at a workshop at Haystack without the extra people. I am particularly interested in your "strip" method, where you use sections taken from a shredder and attach them to dry-wall tape. My problem is that my shredder is a cross-cut shredder which provides me with tiny little pieces, not long strips. Could you please tell me the brand name of the shredder you use? Is this an older type? I am praying that they still make the type that you use.
I appreciate your teaching approach: you are organized; present the material in an orderly fashion, proceeding in rational steps; comfortable in front of the camera; and informative. You provide enough information so that your viewer can begin, but not enough so that it is a "paint by numbers approach."
I hope your studio does not always look so neat. When I am working, mine occasionally looks like a tornado has settled in the middle of the space and scattered everything, i.e., chaos. Then, I have to clean it again to start the process once again. Thanks again, Blanche

Hi Daniella,
I just wanted to tell you how fabulous your encaustic DVD is. From the amount of information included and the clear way you present it, to the professional quality of the audio and video -- I couldn't be happier. I don't always find that great artists are great teachers (and I certainly don't expect them to be), but you're both -- you move at the perfect pace and I love what you've chosen to teach. Basically, you rock, Daniella. This is one of the best investments I've ever made for my art. I've done photo-encaustics for years, but you not only showed me wonderful new techniques, you also gave me that jolt of inspiration that is so important when it comes to facing that blank panel in the studio.

So thanks again for being so generous with your knowledge and for making available such a great resource. In the meantime, best of luck with all of your artistic endeavors, in 2010 and beyond.
Susan McDowell

Thanks heaps for your DVD. It arrived safe and sound yesterday...I have totally enjoyed watching it already! You have done an awesome job in its creation and I will be watching it many times - much to learn...Congratulations. Thanks again. Take care,
New Zealand