Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Berlin Day 1

our lovely Berlin apartment-Kim is blogging on her iPad-I'm shooting into the mirror
morning pages on the terrace

Kim is that little spec near the lamp post-we're taking photos of each other from above and below!

 Here is a zoom in of her down there!
multiple window reflections

Our first meal in Berlin is Korean, of course! Fabulous kim chi soup and bibimbap at Yam Yam, thanks to Lois and the NY Times
more terrific graffiti/street art

Great to visit with our kids. We are video chatting with Phil Megan and Desmond

We visited The New Synagogue..we walked up stairs to the see this dome.

The grocery store near us, had an entire row of chocolates-we chose these with cherry and pomegrate with chilis. Here is our tea time with chocolate!

a remembrance from holland in our Berlin apartment!

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