Thursday, April 22, 2010

Berlin Day 3

 Our first subway stop brought us to the Reichstag, where we thought we could go right in and walk around the dome. Ha ha ha there was a mega line of people with a wait of 1.5 hours, in the bitter cold. No thank you. Close by was this wonderful memorial. Each metal slab has a name and place along the side of each panel. Everywhere there are remembrances. 

At the Academie der Kunste, we saw a huge sound and video installation entitiled, Unwetter, which contained the work of 12 artists. I particularly liked the work of Laura Glusman, an Argentinian, whose work was projected on the floor with her swimming.

A long walk down Unter de Linden leading us to the Deutche Guggenheim, which was gesclosen. Oy vey. More research is needed. One just can’t go to a Museum or gallery without checking their hours, or are they even open.

We were told not to miss the fancy department store, Galerie de Lafayette, where we saw elegant gourmet food art and ate same. They had a terrific dome, mimicking the one we missed earlier.

 The hit of the day was the Berlinische Galerie. I have a new favorite artist-Max Wechsler. Totally inspiring, and stunning surfaces of paper and text.

Also at this Galerie a show of-Berlin Art from 1900. Talk about ecstatic…a proun–construction by none other than El Lissitsky. Many other Russian Constructivists were in the show. Jeanne Mammen, the artist on which Suzy wrote her dissertation, had a painting in this show also. Here is a Kurt Schwitters work:

And the hit of the evening, meeting Diane’s niece, Sophie. Thank you Sara for connecting us! We had pizza at il Casolare in the Kreuzberg district. She helped us with our plans for seeing Berlin in the next three days. Even if we had a year to see Berlin, we probably couldn’t do it. Berlin is so vast.
Oh and BTW, I found a fantastic website...Galinsky for people enjoying buildings worldwide. A terrific site-Lois this is for YOU!
Search by place, architect-it's worldwide. Ah-life is good.

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