Saturday, April 24, 2010

Berlin Day 5

Today we set out to do our usual Saturday thing. Go to yard sales. instead Kim found us a flea market in the square where JFK gave his I am a Berliner speech, complete with deeply resonating church bells. This was not your tourista flea market, but a real local one. I bought some wonderful old books, one with hand written pen and ink accounting from the 1800's. Thoughts of Lisa when I saw bundles of letters, and linens and fabrics made me think of Gayle.
 I found this ugly ring with our initials

Our next stop, of course food. The Ka De We enormous department store, with it's entire 6th floor of gourmet everything.
 a hot dog a day keeps the doctor away

We were on the lookout for lunch. There were too many choices, and I voted for the Kartofel Acker. I had the Baked potatoes with chicken mushroom and asperagus, and Kim some trout and fried spuds. There were all kinds of sauces and these crunchy rose peppercorns-to live for.
The soiree de la pomme de terre was never this good. We left in a kartofel coma.
Back on the public transportation-here is a familiar scene, from our fine navigatrix.
 She took us to Augustrasse,where some of the best contemporary galleries live. My favorite was seeing the work of Austrian born Stefan Schuster, at Galerie Alexandra Saheb. The KW Institute for Contemporary Art had an entire show curated by the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. Pretty much all of it was political and heartbreaking. 
KW will be one of the venues for the Berlin Biennale.

Kim wanted to ride the tram, so we go on the M6 and rode it to the end, deep into the heart of east Berlin. Home to beer and blogging.

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