Thursday, May 06, 2010

Antalya-a day of rest

While Kim went off to visit Roman ruins, I sat in our courtyard and caught up on emails, reading and morning pages. Read all about it on her blog.
The harbor close to our hotel
I watched swimmers
I watched photographers and posers
 I watched bathers,and sat by our pool and swam.


Barbara Mallon said...

Lest you think no one is following your trip - I avidly come on line each morning to read where you've been, what you are doing today and what new place you will see and pictures you'll capture. Love your pictures!

barb cabot said...

D, I want to echo what willipa barb said: I am loving your trip and your photos. As always you provide the feast for my eyes and my soul. Enjoy this adventure and thanks for taking us all along for the ride.