Friday, July 02, 2010

Park City

I'm in Park City to teach for R and F Paints! This is my third year at Spiro Arts, a terrific place with an awesome studio. A great space with wonderful light, ventilation and plenty of electricity! Justin Parisi-Smith is the director and has been here for all three years. I love this guy. Besides being a terrific artist, and amazing administrator, he is a vegan mountain biker. A stellar person and lovely guy.  You should come up here for a workshop or residency.
I've had almost a week to R and R here. I've been on the road since June 1st, traveling and teaching in Seattle, Boston, and Anderson Ranch. Kim met me at the SLC airport last Saturday, and we've had the chance to see Park City, and surrounding communities. We loved visiting Sundance
yesterday(see horse mural above), as well as Midway and the Tarahumara restaurant-thanks Bridgette for taking us there! Be sure to try the cilantro jalapeno lime salsa. Some of the most fun things we've done is visit former students who are now friends. We had a nite to meet the spouses-Nancy Vorm threw a great dinnner party, and Jeff Juhlin whom I've know since our first R and F class in 2002. I had the pleasure of meeting Nancy's husband, and Jeff's "phantom bride" ! Nancy treated us to a day at Snowbird, the cliff spa-OMG that was the best. You should see the rug collection up at The Cliff. Yesterday, we visited Bridgette Steffen Meinhold, who took my class last year. She will have her encaustic show debut at Gallery Mar tomorrow, Saturday. You can be sure I'll be there. Here is a great article about her on the Gallery Mar blog. Bridgette is an engineer by training and the article shows her workspace, it's compact and perfect with light and ventilation. Also showing at Gallery Mar is Gretchen Papka! Gretchen is the brilliant person who did the research on encaustic transfers with Baker's Parchment Paper. Tonite, I'll go to the opening at Julie Nester gallery, and see Amber George's encaustics! I'm off to SLC to complete my shopping for the studio set up for R and F.
 cloud on the drive home


ina said...

Love to read from you again, I have still didn't found time to encaust again, since we have met in Apeil in Tilburg but in a few weeks we will be on holidays and then I'll take it all with me.
Greetings to Kim aswell,

joven said...

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