Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fruit Sisters bid adieu to Korea

Today we say farewell to Korea, and we shall return. Maybe a month long artist-in-residency here at he Fraser Suites next year? We've met so many fabulous people, and seen so many amazing things. I am inspired beyond my wildest dreams, and need 6 months to work in the studio with all I've taken in visually. Dream on. We will have no time to nurse our upcoming jet lag in peace. In a few daze we'll be attending the IEA Advance in San Francisco. I hope we can remember who we are, and "use our words"!


Unknown said...

tutti fruity friends, i'd say!

claudia vieira said...

Hello Daniella, I'm impress about your trip around Korea, etc. I am following you everyday and think I traveled with you. By the way, I'm brazilian and now I am going to Paris, French, and I would like if you know
someplace overthere, where I'll can buy encaustic resources. Big hug,

claudia vieira

Josie Rodriguez, Visual Artist said...

I loved seeing all of the incredible designs and ideas from your trip to Korea. What an experience. I loved it all. Al and I would like to do something like this someday as we love anything utilizing paper. Welcome back and it was great seeing you in San Francisco.
Best, Josie Rodriguez

mj said...

Nice fruits!

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