Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Korea Day 10-IAPMA Day 6

We are awakened, as promised at 3:50 a.m. A walk over to the Temple for morning prayers. Then 108 Bows, which which touched me deeply and left me invigorated. After that, a short meditation and a 40 minute silent walking meditation along the river.
Breakfast followed, and then some relaxation time. Many crashed and  went back to sleep, and I stood on my head!
We strung 108 bead necklaces and then on the bus and off to the Hanji Wonju papermill. Here are two IAPMA members getting ready for the bus. We're now all out of our apricot matching outfits. On the left is Sanny, a 4th generation papermaker from Sweden, and on the right, Korean Art professor, whose name escapes me.
The papermill is run by the same papermaker, Jang Eung Yeall, who taught us out at the Hanji theme park. Here are some videos of one of the papermakers making turquoise Hanji.
Also the miraculous stainless steel drying rack. This job is done by women, one on either side of this wood fired object. The wood pile outside of the Hanji Wonjo factory is enormous.

 Wax Works West bought a roof tile for the new construction
 In the evening, we had a festive closing ceremonies dinner, complete with wild drumming entertainment, along with ribbon hats, acrobatics and a "mariachi" band. We danced our socks off, and had a blast. Two lines were formed for people to exit the room. Wendy thought it would be great for all three of us to approach together and bow. We received huge cheers! It was quite a thrill, and the perfect ending to our first IAPMA experience. We plan to be at the next one in Ohio in 2012!

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