Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Korea-Day 13-regroup

napkins drying outside a restaurant yesterday
Today we are regrouping, relaxing, doing laundry and catching up.
Our plan is to go out to one of our favorite places tonite, called Chicken and Beer! Actually, it's called Samtong. We've wanted to return to this eatery all year. No shopping, no KimChee-well, maybe a little shopping. OK, so we did some power shopping, just before our shipment was to arrive at our hotel.
 mostly items from the recycle store
Megan, I know you said no more stuffed toys for Desmond, but I just couldn't help myself! This little Gorilla is made from a recycled T shirt.
We are planning for our day tomorrow with Jung Shin, to another area of Seoul, to see the 63 building, and more works of Jaehyo Lee, the Contemporary Art Museum, and the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art.
Saturday we head to the Seoul Design Fair with Betsy and Jung Shin.
Last year it was at Olympic Stadium, and called the Design Olympiad. It was over the top for visual inspiration, terrific ideas that were based on recycling and reusing materials.
We fly home on Sunday to our loved ones. As our new friend Nicole from Philadelphia pointed out, the flight only takes 25 we loose an entire day, crossing the International Date Line! Wendy and Judy said, "Oh good, we'll have an extra day of jet-lag!"
Our purchases of brushes and paper were just delivered to our hotel.
Oh Sh_ _! Do you ship?

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Papergail said...

I have loved catching up with the congress through your blog Daniella and with your time in Seoul. It is a great place isn't it, with art around every corner. There is a great ceramics show on at Hongik university if you haven't seen it already and if you have time.
Thanks for the book by the way, it is great.