Saturday, September 04, 2010

Korea Day 2-Wonju and IAPMA

Mr. Kong is packing up our tons of luggage this morning. He drives us to Wonju for the IAPMA Congress.
 IAPMA banner and Healthy Wonju sign
I have to tell you the story of how I came to know this group. Two or three years ago, I met Catherine Nash at the Encaustic Conference in Boston, that amazing event put on by Joanne Mattera. I was having breakfast at the café and was sitting in a group with this marvelous woman who started telling me that I should be showing with artists who work with paper and book arts. Duh! But somehow it never occurred to me! She also said, “And you should join IAPMA!” “What’s eeeyaapmah?” I said. IAPMA is the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists. They have about 400 members worldwide and every year they meet somewhere in the world. We got to talking, and discovered that we knew a Argentinian in common, Jorge Luis Giacosa. I met Jorge at the Tapestry Biennial in Lausanne in 1975. He helped me install my work, and I haven't seen him since. Here is a photo of us picnicking with others. I'm in the back row, under the pink arrow, and he's in the front, to the right of the pink arrow. This will be amazing to see him after all these years!

 Here is the work I'll be showing at the Paper Road Exhibition

Detail of Tabatha mixed media paper
Wendy, Judy and I will be giving a presentation, When Wax Meets Paper. Our angel Betsy arranged for supplies to heat our wax so we can perform in style, and we hope, grace. We have brought copies for our latest DVD,  Encaustic + Paper to share. Here is our latest addition!


Catherine Nash: Desert Paper, Book and Wax said...

D, J & W, I just watched your fantastic new DVD from start to finish: Superb and great fun! Kudos!
slightly sad I can't be there at the Korean IAPMA conference and thought, "Wonder if they've started blogging?" Hey, I'll be reading. Please give Jorge Luis, Lucia et al a big hug from me. Safe and exciting journey to you all! xoxo Catherine

barb cabot said...

I love this post. It just shows all is right with the world and your journey in it. Have fun.