Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Korea Day 4-Hotel Office

 Our Korean "home office"
I had a swim in the squeaky clean pool this morning at the fitness center, a hot tub, cold tub and sauna. It felt like a million bux. Then bfast with Wendy, Judy and lots of German women from the conference. We sent Wendy's 1000 scrolls piece off to the Paper Road Exhibit to be placed on it's proper pedestel. It will be a big hit of the show, I'm sure. The typhoon is nowhere in site, and we've had sunny skies. As you can see in the above photo, the studio is gone, and we've converted my hotel room into an office. We worked on our Keynote Presentation, and organized for the demo part of our presentation-putting out all our supplies by category, i.e. transfers, collage, 3D, etc.
Then on to our working lunch, where we scheduled classes and our calendar for next year. We tried the Spanish Restaurant, Don Quixote's and here is the soup Judy and I tried. Also a Caesar Salad-I should know better, but hope always springs eternal!
A great view of the golf course from our table.
Back to the office for "dessert" Korean potato chips and candy bars. We're all missing Kim a lot. We want her to navigate us to cheeken and beer or pepparoni pizza. Our Hotel is far from the town. We took a taxi back  to last nite's restaurant!
 Scrumptious and too much of it!
Lights near the restaurant
I bought some of those fantastic succulent grapes tonite for a sweet treat. Tomorrow the congress begins, and we'll be swamped with activities.


barb cabot said...

Good luck on the conference. Fascinating, this journey you are all on. Food looks fab. Go Girlfriend!

Kim Tyler said...

I'm drooling looking at your dinner table, and what gorgeous views out the windows! Miss you gals...

Unknown said...

I always enjoy following you on your ventures. Keep posting. Want to 'see' all about the conference:)Pam