Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Korea Day 6-IAPMA day 2

This morning we meet as a group to discuss and vote on issues. Here is the room in which we meet, empty and starting to fill up. It is also where we will give our presentation on Sunday Morning, When Wax Meets Paper.
We are provided with a little translator listening device. Like the United Nations, only on a much smaller scale! Two young translators sit in a box at the back of the room. It reminds me of the "crying rooms" they used to have in movie theatres. Remember those?
We voted on this important item: Building an international paper art center in Wonju, for the manufacture of hand-made paper, and to promote a cultural exchange for paper artists. This was a proposal by Mr. Lee, the convener of the congress.
After this morning session, we were honored with a traditional Korean tea. There will be 5 presentations this afternoon.
Traditional Korean lunch. Chicken in a pot, stuffed with delicacies.
This daikon kim chi was the best so far.
Then an afternoon of presentations about Hanji. All about paper.
This professor worked on a series of Hanji about women, called Mrs. Paper.
 Gail Stiffe from Australia gave a presentation about book arts. Here is our own Catherine Nash!
Then a bus ride to a traditional Korean dinner at a restaurant. On the floor. We sure missed you on this one Kim. We also had that same acorn jelly!

These looked like a cross between ravioli and artwork!
 Fried fish wish red chili paste on top-scrumptious!
 Then for dessert, the pan shape of crunchy rice. Waaay too good!
The finale to our aesthetic overload was the amazing Hanji Fashion show. All the clothing is made of paper, and was outrageously wonderful. The models were totally profesh, and over the top beautiful. We have never seen anything like this!
 Then up the hill to see the lanterns aglow.
We bus back to hotel, and have wine and do some stretches!
 We visit with Helene and buy some of her artwork in jewelry form.

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Kim Tyler said...

oh no, acorn jelly without me. Well I'm laughing over here just imagining the scene! Love the videos, love all the detail. Miss you all!