Saturday, September 11, 2010

Korea Day 8-IAPMA Day 4

Today the presentations were about Know-How, and Wendy Judy and I were the first one of the day. We were hoping to not disgrace our country, and that everything would go well. We gave a short Keynote presentation, with LOTS OF PHOTOS, all three of us spoke. Judy and Wendy from a podium on the stage, and me at a podium beside the stage. We set up tables for demos, and had a video camera project us onto the screen.
 We hold the microphone for each other as we show our chops
We had never done a demo for such a huge group, and were worried that they wouldn't be able to see us. It all worked out, quite splendidly. I think the group was so hungry for some hands on stuff.
 Our audience in rapt attention!
We don't take ourselves so seriously, which seemed to be refreshing for this group. They loved us. We were profesh, and funny-we like that combo.
 Purple bus decor, including dingle balls and fringe
Next onto the purple decorated bus, with a box lunch onto the Paper Market, where members sell their wares. And then workshops. I went to Joanne Kaar's fiber one, which was a blast. Wendy and Judy did a painting with fiber one that looked spectac. There were workshops going on in every room, and the papermaking outside.
In the evening we went to dinner with Jung Shin and a colleague of hers, a linguist. He was totally charming. We had a fantastic meal which was not only delicious, and based on many healing foods. We ended the meal with a tea, that was the most delightful and magical tasting drink I've ever had. The proprietor said we'd feel energized in the morning. He was right. It's the crack of dawn, and I'm feeling pretty darn fabulous.

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barb cabot said...

I bet it was the sparkle of the whole days presentation! Sounds like such a productive trip. So happy for you.