Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day-a heartless story

I took a jewelry class in high school because the ceramics class was full. My white-haired teacher, Mrs. Lewis was quite a good instructor, and trained us well in the art of jewelry making. She wouldn't let us turn in anything with "firescale" on it. Objects had to be perfectly sanded and polished to a high shine. She had this one little problem with hearts. "If you turn in anything with a heart on it, YOU FAIL THE CLASS." For my entire art career, I've had a fear of doing anything with hearts. When my students do anything with hearts, it does make me shutter a little inside. I try to stay calm.

I told this story last week during an interview at Interweave. Today I received a Valentine's card from them. The background full of a hearts pattern, and hearts pasted all over the surface! I was completely on the floor roaring with hilarious laughter.
 On the other hand, my sweetheart made me this card...the message inside was Loving you heart-less-ly on Valentine's Day! I'm feeling very loved.

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barb cabot said...

Hi D...I think I am late wishing you a Happy Birthday. Love your heartless card. Know you are doing superbly! Sending a big virtual hug! Love ya. B