Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mixed Media class with Inez Storer

 Inez Storer imparting wisdom
 Nearby palette

This past week I took a two day Mixed-Media class at Cabrillo with Inez Storer. There were 16 of us, all from Santa Cruz with the exception of one artist from Seattle. It was so lovely to be the student! So much talent in the room, and great synergy. Early on she said, "Don't take notes. you already know how to do it. You won't read them anyway."  I learned a lot of new tricks and some great chops-and yet another pencil discovery-the Stabilo (so far everything they make is terrific) Aquarellable "All" 8046-it's for Paper Glass Plastic and Metal. Very fun to use wet or dry, and yes it works on an encaustic surface!
Besides the techniques, Inez had loads of wisdom for us. "Don't juggle your intuitive creative energy which becomes dormant by what you have to do every day." What resonated with me was about  working habits and scheduling time in the studio.  She said the best is if you can schedule 3 consecutive days in the studio, like Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. This is your work time. You do not make other appointments, or visit with people in your studio. It is strictly for you. And you know the first day you clean up. "Artists like to clean!" This is the time when you set up to do your work. Then you need 2 days back to back to do the work. Sounds like complete heaven to me!
I will find a way to implement this new scheduling technique. Maybe in late August?

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