Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Making paint in Puglia

Oy vey. The 19 pounds of R and F encaustic paint I sent to Italy Priority Mail on September 19, has not arrived. The encaustic medium I made, however did! So today Kim and I became paint-makers. Thank heavens she speaks Italian. We drove into our nearest town, Castellano, taking the back roads. I am getting more and more balls driving in Italy. Amongst these gorgeous back roads beautiful stone handmade walls delineate each property and the "highway." A woman dressed in black capris and a black bra, hangs laundry a la dolche vita. There is romance about everything in Italy. Avanti and on to Castellano, the ferramenta and the shop where the woman sells cheap cookware. Again, I thank my lucky stars that Kim can navigate the language as well as maps. Apr├Ęs ferramenta we are on our way to the art supply store to buy oil paints so we can squeeze them outta their tubes and add them to medium. We forgo the required wait time to remove the excess oil to leach out. We cut up small bamboo sticks to mix the paints, a presto-encaustic paint-not exactly like my "brother" Richard makes, not like Miles makes. Watch out fellas, Kimmie makes some kick ass paint. She really gets into it. There could be competition on the horizon! "TP" Tyler Paints?
Here are shots from this day.

Oil paint squeezed onto paper towels

Paint tins for mixing oil paint and encaustic medium

Kimmie pouring paint into silicon molds

Itialian stone brush rest

Aperitif helps with paintmaking process

"TP" fato a mano paint

Italian grandma making paints

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Location:Contrada Selvafina,Polignano a Mare,Italy


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