Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shipping of Encaustic Works

Yesterday we wrapped and shipped the works from the exhibition WAX from the Pajaro Valley Arts Council show.  For those of you who did not get to see this show, Wendy posted photos-so you can view it here. We discovered talent we did not know existed. We received many kudos and some great publicity. We introduced encaustic to a new audience! We made new friends. Some new students came to Wax Works West to study encaustic as a result of this exhibit. It was a terrific experience. 

We installed 147 art pieces in the show. We sold 15! So that meant we only had to pack up a mere 132 works of art. I have known for quite some time how packing and shipping is such an important component of working in encaustic. I haven't had such abundant first hand knowledge.The packaging of art speaks volumes about the artist, and how they respect themselves, and their work.

We should have given out awards to the following artists whose packaging showed their R-E-S-P-E-C-T, brilliance and attention to detail.  

David A. Clark
Karl Kaiser
Pam Nichols
Stephanie Rossi

Thank you for making our job so easy. We are deeply grateful, and blow you kisses and hugs.
Here is a box in which Pam Nichols sent one of her two works. Both sold, so there is no cradled panel to show inside the box! The collector picked up the work before we retrieved Pam's box. Check it out. It's a little "garage" for the artwork, made of foam core and velcro.
 Photo of artwork on two sides-closures are velcro

 Cradled panel fits inside and has glassine or tyvek on the face of the work
 bumpers on all 4 sides to protect work from impact
Boxes containing art fit inside the outer shipping box 
which insulates and further protects work from impact

The first person I ever heard address this issue, is the Papacita of all encaustic shipping: our own beloved Rodney Thompson. Rodney will be giving a workshop on Packaging and Shipping your work Safely at the IEA's EncaustiCON in San Antonio this September. And speaking of the IEA, here is an extensive and beautiful  blog by Larraine Seiden and Lisa Kairos on the Shipping and Packing Information.
The next time we do this, any work shipped with styrofoam peanuts will be immediately Returned to sendah!

 Here's Judy at FedX with the last shipment of the day.

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