Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Meeting some marvels in Sun Valley

This past week I taught encaustic to 9 lovelies at the Sun (?) Valley Art Center. It was REALLY-cold, snowed some, and our studio was perfectly toasty with radiant heated floors. The women did wonderful work. There were many aha moments, some great discoveries, and a breakthrough or two. I was pleased, as this was my last teaching/traveling gig for this year.
Here are some of my students, who each did beautiful work.









I mentioned to the group that Kim and I were flying to India after the class, and that I was fretting about which watercolor set/watercolor pencils to take, and which sketchbook, so Gay brought in several of her gorgeous travel journals, and introduced me to Kim, who teaches workshops in travel journaling, and illustrates Children's books. I was envious of her skill ability to tell a story with such economy of line.

I will be taking next year off from travels for teaching, so I can have more time in the studio, and simply teach at Wax Works West. I met a woman on my first plane from Sun Valley to Salt Lake City-on one of those propeller tiny jobs. Her daughter writes a cool blog called French Word a Day. Her husband is a winemaker, and their label is Rouge-Bleu. You just never know who's sitting next to you if you don't blah blah, eh?
And how funny is this-boarding the second flight I was behind a woman reading a Ridley Pearson novel. I had just me his mother in Sun Valley. The world gets smaller and smaller!

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