Sunday, November 04, 2012

India thinking

The whole experience is really out -of-this-world. The images are so strong and the abundance of them is over-the-top. I understand why Kim has wanted to come here since I've known her. So many times I think, Wendy would love this. I can see why Phil loves it. Anna said we would see this. I dream about Desmond and Elliette being old enough for us to take them with us to exotic lands. Sometimes in quiet moments, the rush of images comes on like a movie. I think about how to tell the story, maybe I could put it in chapters, or categories, like the people, textiles, transport-of goods and materials: by people, of people, homes, maximum color, composition, patterns, vendors, food, rural life, plant material, architectural compositions, patinas, stripes, dots, text, signs. How could I condense it, or put it in a container? It's probably not possible. The people are lovely and gorgeous in so many ways. They make a heart connection with you instantaneously. It's impossible to not love them. It's love at first sight over and over and over again every day!

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