Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CODEX 2013

Sammy showing her 3D book to Kate, Anthea and Angela

I visited CODEX with my dear friends from Australia, Angela and Anthea,  for the first time on Monday. We were over the top thrilled-the show was super inspiring. I want to point out several of the artists there that really wowed me.

At the very first table, under the press' name, Heavenly Monkey, an artist by the name of Claudia Cohen was showing a collaborative book, Cutting Paper.  If I saw only this work, it would have been worth the drive. The book absolutely took my breath away.
Down this same first isle, was Studio SMLk. An artist by the name of Sammy showed me her 3D books that were articulated like precious jewelry. Her vision, concept and craftsmanship were superb.
Next, the work of Diane Jacobs, a Portland artist, whom I know through the late poet, Kathleen Flowers. Diane is mega talented in several directions.
And last, but certainly not least, The Seager Grey Gallery, showing a variety of artists, with our home girl, Jodi Alexander. I am especially a fan of Lisa Kokin's work, which shows talent, humor, intellect and impeccable execution. If you can go, today is the last day!