Friday, April 05, 2013

Encaustic & Text Workshop-April 28 at Wax Works West

At the end of this month, on April 28th I'll be giving a workshop at Wax Works West on one of my favorite topics, Encaustic and Text. I hope you'll join me for this very fun day.

This workshop is for those of you who journal, are inspired by words, text, letters, typography, or simply want to expand your visual vocabulary! 
concealed language  Strata 1, 12 x 12, encaustic on panel

We will focus on revealing or concealing language in encaustic, and explore the many ways to employ text in your work. We will incorporate many encaustic techniques, some of which will be new to you, like embedding chipboard letters in dry wall mud. We will also use stencils India ink, and hot wax stylus pens. Bring your journals, love letters, papers, alphabet stamps and favorite pens! 
We'll be using my favorite tool-the hot stylus pen to write text.

India Ink is a marvelous tool on the wax-draw it, brush it, stamp it, etch it.

Transferring text and writing directly onto the surface, stamping into the surface,and using oil paint or alcohol ink.

Painting wax onto the surface using sencils, and scraping them flush to the surface.

Stamping paper letters and collaging them onto the surface.

Embedding chip board letters in dry wall mud, allowing it to dry, then painting encaustic medium over the sanded mud.

Wall in Turkey-text stencil

word stencil from Stencil Girl

Here are a few of the Stencils we'll be using, from Stencil Girl Products
And we'll talk about apps on the iPad with text
Away With Words
I'm working on a Pinterest board to give you a little inspiration.  I hope to see you at Wax Works West later this month. It will be a blast!