Tuesday, June 13, 2006

De Young Inspiration

More from El Anatsui

detail of Nathan Olivera painting

Can't remember the name, but adored this piece.

An early Rothko - 1949

A very fun day in the city with Kimmie and Eileen. Earlier in the day, we visited the Andrea Schwartz gallery, where we all liked the paintings of Lori del Mar,the Aftermodern where we saw some very cool collages, and Robert Allen Fine Art. Took a stroll around South Park, then Eileen took us to her fave pen store in Japan Town...mmm. Made us a terrific dinner. I wonder if I need to change her name from Eileen (whaddya want for breakfast) to Eileen (cook me dinner like that again) Goldenberg.

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Taradharma said...

Mzzzz Dotty,
I can see why you adore that piece -- it reminds me of some of your work & ideas!

Thanks for sharing such great images with us -- won't replace a trip to SF but it sure comes in a close second.