Thursday, June 22, 2006

Packing for the Road Trip

Artwork inside pizza boxes with photos of what's inside

Packing Encaustic work takes special care. Kimmie and I are taking off for the Cherry Creek Art Festival in Denver, so we must have the work packed properly and protected for travel, the heat, etc. It's an art in itself. I copied Joanne Mattera's idea of packing the 12 x 12 pieces in Pizza boxes. They have their photo and name on the sides, for easy ID. When they sell, the collector can take them away in their own boxes. Et Voila! Thanks Joanne. You are a constant source of fabulous ideas, and brilliance. I'm sure I speak for many by saying we sure appreciate what you give to our community. Also, a note of thanks to the R and F Forum, for all your comments on traveling to shows. For those of you needing technical advice, the forum is a wonderful place for information on anything Encaustic. Bon Voyage!
This box contains two 24" x 24" paintings which are wrapped with waxed craft paper (thanks for the suggestion Rodney Thompson). They have cardboard corners on all fours, and foam between them. A foam core separator divides the spaces. Smaller work is packed in the remaining compartment.

We are looking forward to seeing all our artist pals
Michel Tsouris, Mike Donnelly, Beverly Hayden from Paducah, Carol Webb, and making new friends. Brother in law, Christopher is coming in from LA to help us out. We'll have a blast in the Mile High City.


Kim Tyler said...

Yee Haw! Let's hit the road! Boxes R Us.

robin andrea said...

Wow. Pizza boxes. That's such an excellent idea. Happy trails, kids. Have a good and safe journey.

Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh!!You've made packing a new art form...have a wonderful journey...Yippee for summer! love ya.

Cyndy Goldman said...

Happy Trails Girls!!! You are quite the team!!! You make everything look so easy! Have lots of fun on the way and enjoy enoy enjoy!!!

Taradharma said...

sounds like a fun road trip, gals! Bon voyage and...sell lots of art!