Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Amazing Film, Incredible Island

Walking the Labyrinth at the Whidbey Institute lastweek

Lastnite we went back to the Whidbey Institute (where someday we hope to have an Encaustic Retreat) to see an amazing film Inlaws and Outlaws. If you ever get a chance to see it, don't hesitate. It will make you laugh, cry and understand the power of love and the nature of relationships. Kim and I think it would dazzle Santa Cruz, our fave theatre-The Nick, a perfect venue. The Nick has absolutely the best popcorn in the world, this side of our kitchen.
We are always surprised and amazed at the quality of life up here on our little island, Whidbey. We go to the Island Athletic Clubfor water exercise every day. IAC is a state of the art gym, where they have the latest equipment, fabulous classes in everything from step, spin, pilates bodypump, etc. etc. We meet the most amazing people up here, and are having a fantastic summer. I've been playing tennis almost every day at the Useless Bay Club with Micha, Beth, Jane, Connie and Yvonne. Sadly, we'll leave in another week for our midwest trip which is shaping up nicely. Thanks to all of you for your suggestions on what to see, where to go and naturally where to eat. Gotta go teach now!

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