Sunday, August 13, 2006

Got any Midwest recommendations?

Booth at the Bellevue Art Fair,
July 28-30 last month

Kim and I will be taking off early in September, driving to the midwest for two Artshows. We're going to St. Louis then Kansas City. In between these two shows, we'll drive up to Chicago and to Madison. We're looking for your suggestions about
what to see,
where to eat
in any of these places.
Got any ideas, besides the Art Institute of Chicago.
Where is the best BBQ, best pizza, etc.
Should we go out of our way to see Carhenge?

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Anonymous said...

Oh opinions, opinions...
Best bar-b-que in KC is Gates and Sons.
Biggest birdies - Nelson Atkins Museum of Art - where there is also a most fine Buddah sculpture, and some excellent chinese screen paintings.
Have a wonderful time!