Friday, June 01, 2012

Art and other wonders in Jackson Hole

Kay Stratman, Morning Glory Pool, 10 x 11,  P'O MO on Shikishi board
I've been teaching in Jackson Hole this week. Actually co-teaching with Kay Stratman whose specialty is asian painting. In particular she paints on Shikishi board in a technique called P'o MO. It is quite compatible with encaustic, and we have gotten some wonderful results, with our terrific group of students. The Art Center in Jackson Hole is an extraordinary place. Its mixed-media room is one of the best in which I've taught. They even have a resident "spider." You waxies know what I'm talking about-we have quite enough electrical, and great ventilation. The center has terrific art studios, a theatre and and a dance studio that is first rate. The center is also home to non-profits. Yesterday was a dream day. I started the day with a Zumba class, lead by fabulous instructor, Liz Martinez. I definitely felt like Lucy in the chocolate factory not only in the arms, but in the legs. My best was when we all got in a line, and did the can-can. So great that there is something I can do! It will probably take me 1000 classes to get arms and legs together, but the end result is sweat and endorphins, and that's what I'm looking for! Then, back to the waxy classroom to our eager and talented students.
Rakuko Naito, paper
At noon several of us walked to the town square to see the Tayloe Piggott Gallery. They were exhibiting the work of many artists who made my aesthetic heart sing. In particular, the work of Rakuko Naito is particularly compelling.
I also saw a ring by Todd Reed which made me want sell all the rings I have, and simply have that one. 18k gold with teeny tiny diamonds set in a curvilinear line around the band. I found everything in the gallery perfect, which happens rarely. What is really cool, is that Susan York, my dear friend from Santa Fe is in the next exhibition! A quick bite of salmon tacos at Sanchez and back to class for the rest of the day.

One of the students took several of us to the first live meeting of Megan Schmoll's Culturefront. Locals Abbie Miller and Mike Tierney talking about "Art and Risk." Interesting comments and lively discussion . Check out Meagan's new  blog JHCULTUREFRONT.

Worth mentioning is the amazing knit Charlie Brown sculpture outside our encaustic studio, knit by local treasure, Suzanne Morlock.

And last but not least, a wonderful dinner with students at Trio Bistro. Always crowded and always fabulous. What is amazing is that all the day's activities were in about a 4 block radius of my motel and the Jackson Hole Art Center-convenience and aesthetics!
 Michele Oka Doner, Earth, Fire, Air Water print

 Dancer's Workshop performers with translucent body forms
 As I edit this on Saturday, I must mention opening of Michele Oka Doner's exhibition, Earth, Fire, Air, Water lastnight at the Jackson Hole Art Center. The Dancer's Workshop gave a performance in the gallery that was breathtaking, using beautiful translucent body forms. Babs Case heads this brilliant dance group. If you are in Jackson on June 15 and 16th you will want to see the performance of Up Close, a dance performance exploring the themes of Earth, Fire, Air and Water. Many local artists will be doing the costumes and set. Including the ever brilliant Jenny Doud, one of my personal favorite people in the world!

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