Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Don't Think

This message was delivered to me yesterday morning in my step aerobics class. "Don't Think." The more I think, the more my feet get tangled. I trip and can't get the routine. If I simply let the wisdom of my body take over, everything smooths out. I dance on air, leap and fly over the step.

This also happens in the studio. If I am lucky, I don't think. The brush dances on air, well actually, on wax and then the magic happens. I am not in charge, just following the dance steps.

It's that state of innocence, when my brush takes over and the art happens. I am merely a conduit. That black small piece in the opposites section happened like that, with a certain naivete. Then I try to recreate the innocence. But now I know something. I am thinking.
First I worked in Indigo, then Ultramarine. I'm working now on phthalo blue. In this case the air bubbles are quite desireable. They resemble stars in the galaxy. I think of my favorite film, Powers of ten by Charles and Rae Eames. Photos soon.

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