Sunday, December 18, 2005

Arriving and Nesting

I arrived today on Whidbey, to find a lot of frost. Mama Mia, it is cold here. It's been an exciting trip, seeing friends, celebrating birthdays, shopping for beads,delivering artwork. I'm so glad to be here, and looking forward to start working in my studio, after 4 days off. My fantastic neighbors Pamela and her daughter, Giada brought over soup. Perfect for such a cold day.

The driveway is pretty frosty

Zuma contemplates getting out of the car, and stepping on the cold icy ground.

She makes it!

This is how I like to nest!

New tableware from Shirl Lipkin!
Canadian Cabot Cheddar with
Organic Washington State Pink Lady Apples

Now this is where Zuma wants to be!

The view out my bathroom window. A new pinto at the horse ranch.

This was actually taken 2 years ago. It's our dear dear next door neighbor's wall. Frank and Scooter were over this evening to greet me and get me current on all I've missed since the summer. I am so lucky to have them for neighbors. They are absolutely The Best! I used this image for a holiday card for my pal Rachel. We looked at Kim's artwork and her blog and all marveled at how talented she is!


Kim Tyler said...

I think that what you are seeing is what the poets in days past used to call "rime" or "hoarfrost" - it is lovely!! And the place looks - as always - so heartbreakingly gorgeous! Can't wait to be there....

Eileen P. Goldenberg said...

Hey you are really adding to your blog. I have a piece of Shirley's as well. I have been wanting top go throught all of the galleries that Joanne lsited. But I have begun to paint. We are heading off to skiing Mon. Hopefully it has been snowing and not raining. Talk to you soon. Love, Butch wax