Friday, December 23, 2005

Blogging a Trois or PT part 2

Today I spent several hours with the New Dharma Bums. They are my inspiration, and the reason I am writing this Blog. After their post, Safe Among Predators, I was hoping they could be President. I used to think it should be Bobby McFerrin and Oprah, which would yield world peace in ten minutes. We blogged a trois at the dining table, and the Bums answered a lot of questions for me, with my limited knowledge. I fear that I will be spending more time on the computer! Rexroth's Daughter made the perfect pot of English Breakfast Tea...strong enough for it to be coffee. YES!
Here's The Pirate Poaching and Purple Potatoing, while Rexroth's daughter butters toast. What an excellent adventure, sailing with these two! Alas, I hit the road for the Ferry and home. Some shots taken on the PT side. All but one are are an homage to Carol Charney.

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robin andrea said...

Your photography is spectacular. The sights at the ferry dock through the rainy windows are beautiful.

Come on over to our side of the straits any day, and I'll make you a pot of tea!

Wonderful to see you and sit with our laptops exploring the world, together.