Friday, December 23, 2005

Port Townsend Pals Part I

I've just returned from an overnite on PT. I feel like I've been away for weeks. We crammed so much into a small time. I hung out with Shane for the afternoon. I finally acquired some of her fantastic work. For example this light with the amazing message from The Buddha:

Your work is to find your work
and then with all your heart,
give yourself to it

This is a new pin, which Shane is exhibiting at the Williams Gallery in Port Townsend. She is their featured jeweler this month. In January she will be in a show at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts called Comic Relief. It opens on January 6th.

We went to our pals Gregg (with two G's!) and Jacki's lastnite for a fabulous dinner and studio tour. Gregg is now Mr. Encaustic of Sequim, (he and Jacki will soon be members of the WCEA) with an amazing technical studio. We totally enjoyed Jacki's marvelous cuisine. We all started a new blog called Show Me Yours. Be sure to see the chocolate tasting photos. We voted the Chocolove 77% cocoa our number one choice. Greg didn't whine too much. He is a milk chocolate kinda guy.

The Ferry ride from Keystone to Port Townsend. I can always see dots and stripes!

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Deb said...

Can you tell me how to email Shane?
I bought a piece from her at an Art Show in Jackson Hole, WYoming for a friend.
I want to order a piece and tell her the friend love it, but I've lost her card...

Didn't know she did light boxes too - very cool!

Deb Trotter