Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy Dotty New Year!

You know that dots are everywhere.

Swiss on crackle finish

Tonite's dessert from Sweet Lorette's

Ikea canister that holds our spatulas and kitchen tools

Radish middles on bamboo

Ikea tractor seat in studio

radish on Ikea cutting board

our kitchen floor

Texture on a Shirl Lipkin pot

Cup from honduras

We are drinking Cava tonite, and celebrating our wonderful joyous lives. We are so so so so so lucky. Had the best breakfast ever at Sweet Lorette's. It is worth the trip to Port Townsend. We got to spend time with precious dear friends in PT, called far away friends and family on the Ferry ride home, had a lovely walk with Zuma in Greenbank. We wish you a happy healthy prosperous peaceful and DOTTY new year.

Target bag

bottles from in Bedrock Industries Seattle

Great northern beans soaking for tomorrow's soup

Our sink drain


Taradharma said...

Heya, Dotty! Found you on the Bums' blog. Love your dotty works, in the Gallery I especially love Prediction, Neighbor Tones and Rhapsodial Winds. And I love the repeating patterns here on your blog. These images are joyful, vibrant, full of the stuff of life! I feel so lucky to have found your site.

You are my hero, actually working and selling your art. Yee-HA.

Daniella Woolf said...

Thanks for the Kudos, Ms Dharma. I do love those Bums, they are the BEST!

robin andrea said...

Ms Dotty-- We love you. Dots and stripes are everywhere, and now we see you wherever we look!

Daniella Woolf said...

Isn't it amazing, Ms. RD. I see birds everywhere, and think of you, the pirate and Kimmie! Love you back.


Eileen P. Goldenberg said...

Hey Dotty Dahlink, the de young museum walls, dots, dots,dots.
Loveya Butch Wax