Saturday, December 03, 2005

Lines made of dots

OK, OK yesterday I was in the pool, doing water exercise. I looked across the lanes, and there were the lane lines, composed of dots or discs. Hmmm, they are everywhere, these lines and dots, and now the lines are made of dots. With these lovely arms popping out of the water at an angle. Here's an approximation. Actually the angles would be between the lane lines!





Makes me think of my friend Dorothy, who has the best rubber stamps of swimmers. I call her Dottie also. She silkscreens teabag paper with lots of dots on it. I'm thinking that I will write about my artist friends, and show you what they do. Well how about right now! Eileen (What do you want for breakfast) Goldenberg is not only a wonderful ceramic artist, but also an amazing encaustic artist ! When I told her I was writing a BLOG called Encausticopolis, she gave me the tagline City of Wax! She is the scratch babe! She turned me on to using ceramic tools for encaustic, and they work really well. Thanks Eileen. You Rock!

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