Sunday, December 04, 2005

Thanks to Amy

Our niece Amy got married this past summer to the oh so handsome Carson. We traveled to the East Coat for her fabulous wedding in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Because of Amy, so many wonderful things happened for me. I have to Thank Amy for marrying such a swell guy. They call themselves "Lucky Kids."

We visited our friend Harriet on the Cape, with whom we had mucho chattage. She fed us the most delectable lobsters. We walked down to the shore the next morning. I snapped lots of photos of her, then painted these encaustics portraits.

On our way to New Hampshire, we stopped in Salem to see an encaustic show, "Cooled and Collected: Modern Masters of Encaustic Painting" at the Boon Gallery, where I got to see, up close and personal many of the artists in Joanne Mattera's book, The Art of Encaustic Painting. This was really a big thrill, and I gotta say that I fell in love, big time with the work of Canadian, Alexandre Masino. He works really large, and fairly monochromatic. I hope someday to be in touch with him, and find out how he works large.

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