Monday, January 16, 2006

Clashing Patterns and Pies

Dotty and Sigrid about 10 years ago
at the Clashing Patterns and Pie Pot Luck

The most fun party we've ever had was the Clashing Patterns and Pie Pot Luck. Our friends looked absolutely ridiculous. New friends looked absolutely ridiculous. We looked absolutely ridiculous! People brought sweet and savory pies. Probably the best of all the theme parties we've had including the:

Yikes Stripes Party
Black and White Party
Opposites Attract Party
Dress Like your Pet Party
Two Different Shoes Party
49ers Meet 101 Dalmations Party
Green and Orange Polyester Party

The next month in Vogue, there were all these photo spreads of women in clashing patterns. For once we were in fashion!


AsherMan said...

You guys look terribly fabulous! Can't wait for this year's clashing patterns pie party!

robin andrea said...

You two are absolutely gorgeous. Those colors! That style! What fun. When you come back up to Whidbey we've got to have a party-- with costumes!