Friday, March 17, 2006

The Tape Modern-Installation

Longtime friend, fellow artist and general contractor,
Cyndy meets with Bill to install the fixture she so brilliantly designed
for The Tape Modern.

Cyndy and Bill install one of the fixtures to the wall.

Cyndy wires the two light fixtures together.

Et voila!
With the lights installed, I begin to adhere the elements.
Cyndy checks how the light is washing the wall.

About half way through.

Almost Done!

I'll take a look from farther away.

Final primping!

After she's all installed, me and "her" from several rooms away.
There is an illustion that the entire wall,
or maybe even the whole room is filled with this piece.


Kim Tyler said...

I'm dazzled!

Endment said...

this is so great- thanks for letting us in on the process!


robin andrea said...

I love seeing it up like that, dotty. It looks great.

Taradharma said...

looks great! yay, cyndy for installing such a great lighting solution.

it's all very lovely.