Friday, April 07, 2006

Visual Thinking-Part I

Allsorts licorice candies

It's been so so sososososo wierd to be absent from Bloglandia. Life has been nutz, in a very wonderful way. Be careful whachoo ask for. I woke up this morning thinking of All Sorts. I'm teaching a fab class this summer through Cabrillo Arts. It's a new Summer Art Institute they have put together. Like Summer Art Camp for grown up kids. Anyway, I'm teaching a class in Encaustic Painting and Visual Thinking. I like to play and arrange my food. I think most artists also love to cook. It's that instant grats thing. If you can't finish a painting, you can surely create a meal and make it an artpiece at the same time, It's quick, it's creative, and it will nourish you in many ways. So food is art, food is love, art is love....yah yah yah.
Anyway, here's the gig. You take allsorts, and some licorice vines, and some toothpicks. You do the hokey pokey, and you turn yourself voila. Patterns, structures, some crazy visuals. I thought of going to Costco and buying bags of whatever looks like fun...maybe one of those huge bags of pretzels. Then Sigrid mentioned The Fruit Room.

There is is, then day one of Visual Thinking. Just go ahead and Play with your Food!


Linstilllife said...

I agree! Food is so rich in images and emotional connections.

Endment said...

Wonderful insight and inspiration