Friday, May 26, 2006

Ellen Goodman-Future Creep

I totally agree with Ellen Goodman's Future Creep editorial today. In 2001 I went to Cabrillo College to study digital media. I must say, it has served me quite well. I do use Photoshop every single day, to post photos on the Blog, send photos to a gallery or publicty. After one year of studying DigiMedia, all I wanted to do was get into my studio, paint with my hands and get dirty! Something about sitting at the computer, that sucks my brain, and takes the energy out of me. Painting feeds me in a way that technology can't and never will. Technology saves us time? Think again. I agree with Ellen. All the software I've learned over the years, or tried to learn...I could have learned Mandarin or Italian. It would have stayed in my brain, albeit rusty. You know how language always bubbles to the surface when you need it! Even if you do mix french with spanish in any sentence.

Speaking of Italian, our gal JoAnne, Goddess of Wax is in Naples, studying at the archeological museum (?), seeing the ruins in Pompeii (?) or the Amalfi coast or Sorrento, drinking limoncello. All pigments of my imagination. Anyway, she is in the land of her people, probably soaking up new ideas for future work, and relaxing before as she says, getting back in the blender.

I fondly remember my mom's bakelite radio on top of the fridge. It had a button for on and off and a dial to tune in the station. Ah the simplicity of life!


Kim Tyler said...

You are so right on (and so was Ellen Goodman today). Technology can be a royal pain in the ass and definitely a brain suck. Of course it can also be wonderful, as in now when I'm working in an office and listening to wonderful African music on the computer... But I'm pretty tech savvy, and even so I am frequently humbled by being unable to figure out some piece of equipment (like a VCR). What would be so hard about making the user friendlier?? And making them last longer too.....the notion of planned obsolescence is probably draining the resources of our planet faster than you can say Exxon Mobil!

robin andrea said...

I like thinking about all the time I've spent learning technologies that become obsolete, and realizing that if I had committed that time to learning another language, I would still know it, and it would still be relevant. There are parts of technology though that are so wonderful, like being able to leave you a comment here.