Saturday, July 22, 2006

WCEA new WEBsite!

Eeeehhhhaaa! The West Coast Encaustic Artists has a brand new website. A wonderful job by web designer and encaustic artist Kathleen McMahon. WCEA is lookin' Great. Way to go, Kathleen!

I drove up to SF this morning with Wendy Aikin, my assisstant for the Cabrillo Class. This gal is so perfect, if I were to "design" a person to assist me in this teaching endeavor, it would be her! I am blessed and so fortunate to have Wendy as my right hand.

I was thinking that my students got so addicted so fast to the wax. Roberta has already posted some of her work on her Blog-Got Glue. Her nom de blog is Elsie Borden. Maybe we should start a 12 step program for them: Waxaholics Anonymous. And their loved ones could attend WaxAnon. I know that Kim and Cathy would probably like that. You know how they get when we sit around and talk shop! Just a thought. We picked up Eileen (what do you want for breakfast) Goldenberg, and Adele (we saw that saddle on the heart in Park Merced) Shaw. Thanks for the killer homebrew Ginger Ale, and the pumpkin bread, Eileen. Wendy and I brought up a flat of fragrant Swanton Organic Strawberries to the WCEA Meeting. I picked up more paint and medium for my Cabrillo students from Evans Encaustics. Thanks Hylla, for getting the order done so fast! We got a lot accomplished, and went to see the O'Hanlon Center and the space for our group show in October.

We drove into the city and went to Sinopia and bought the only 2 encaustic pens they had. Then on to the Gratitude Cafe. Incredible hippy food...very tasty. Each Item on the menu has a name like I am Celebrating. I am Bountiful. When they serve you the dish they say "You are celebrating." You know it babe, I am celebrating the new WCEA website.


KatieMoe said...


I'm *SO* glad you are pleased with the WCEA website. I aim to please.

It was so funny you mentioned the thing about WaxAnon in your blog entry today. Right before I started talking about the website at the meeting, I got this flash in my head to say something like, "Hi, I'm Kathleen. It's been 14 hours since I last heated up wax. Hello." I had to silently tell me myself, don't say such a silly thing!

We must be crossing paths on other wavelengths, eh?

Great to see you at the meeting and I'm loving the strawberries I got to take home. Thanks!

Kathleen "KatieMoe"
(some day I'll tell you the story behind KatieMoe)

Can't remember if I gave you my blog url, but here it is. I'm really a pilgrim at it but giving it a go.

I find you and your colorful and full life a GREAT read in your blog. It's a regular stopping place for me.

'till next time!


Taradharma said...

the 'i am deserving' ice cream sundae looks especially good --- what a great menu, I've got to try them.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I finally figured out how to do this. Thanks for your kind comments - I am not deserving oh great Wax Goddess. I think Eileen needs to share her fab reciepe for homemade ginger ale. Loved it! Have a relaxing day! Wendy

Anonymous said...

You Sweetheart! You are most welcome for the paints. You know I adore your Blog and as Katie says, it's a regular virtual stop for me, too.