Monday, April 02, 2007


The Savannah experience began with meeting a fabulous family. I had the chutzpah to email a temple in Savannah that we were two nice Jewish girls from California traveling in the south, and would be in Savannah for the first night of Passover. Was there a family who might invite us to share their Seder? Sure enough!
We were invited to break matzoh with the most delightful family, three generations worth. The food fantastic, the conversation wonderful, and the beautiful voices of the mother and daughter still ring in my ears. Heartening to witness the ways in which these grandparents treated their grandchildren with such respect, inviting them to ask any questions of anyone at the seder for answers, opinions, etc. We felt so welcome and so honored to have been invited for a heartwarming feast for all our senses. The next day we spent walking around this fabulous city. Our first stop, the oldest reform temple in the country, including gothic style architecture to boot. Unfortunately it was closed, due to the holidays. The oak trees hanging with the amazing Spanish moss. The Savannah College of Art and Design, with a gazillion locations all around the city. We visited the Jepson Center for the Arts or the Telfair Museum. Saw several wonderful shows, one from the collection of the Kemper Museum. Some pieces we had already seen last September when we were in Kansas City for the Art Fair. Also Telling Tales: Works by Nancy Hooten with fantabulous bead work. We had a lovely lunch at the Museum, staying inside from the heat and humidity. We discovered these really fun digital screens, at the Telfair.

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