Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Nelson-Atkins and lunch with Maureen

Lastnite we were invited to a special opening of the New Nelson-Atkins Museum, the Bloch Building, by architect Steven Holl. The architecture is breathtakingly gorgeous, clad in opalescent glass which glows at night, the interiors spare, minimal and perfect. See the Bloch Blog. Collectors Marion and Henry Bloch's collection has never been seen before in public, and the building opens formally on June 9th. Illustrated below is Mrs. Bloch's favorite painting, "The White Cupboard" by Pierre Bonnard. Their collection is presented in a show entitled from Manet to Matisse.
A number of articles about the Bloch have appeared in the NY Times, Kansas City Star, Washington Post. At this lovely reception, we were treated to food and drink, a band and a wonderfully festive atmosphere, the curators and staff bursting with pride. Room upon room of one fantastic collection after another. The Noguchi room alone is worth the trip. A fabulous Harry Callahan exhibit was one of my favorites. I could go on and on but will spare you. Just come to Kansas City and see this museum. I've been here for 2 weeks now and feel as if I've barely scratched the surface. This is a city I plan to return to again and again.
classmate Maureen Bardusk's work

Classmate Maureen Bardusk and I walked across the street today from our Encaustic Collage class to have lunch at the Rozzelle Court Restaurant at the Nelson-Atkins. Delicious food that is presented like art. You must dine here! Maureen is currently in a show at the St. Louis Craft Alliance. Here are photos of her at the exhibit. I have met the most amazing people here at the Surface Design Conference. My head has been spinning for two weeks!

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