Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bellevue Art Fairs

Michael Bauermeister helping a client

We visited the Bellevue Art Fairs today. There are two fairs, one is the Bellevue Museum Show and the other is Bellevue Festival of the Arts.
So here's a brief listing of what I liked at the fairs

Mike Donnelly
always my first fave and best show husband

Jeremy Bert and Jennifer Elec
very cool simple stacked bows
Carey Reynolds
actually mixed media sculpture mostly ceramic

Michael Bauermeister
Amazing guy, stunning work and wonderful colorist
Vessels taller than him-see photo at top
Sharon Spencer
Whidbey Treasure
Hat Lady-Lori Chambers
Lori makes hundreds of felt hats, every one different!

Mixed Media
Joe DeCamillis
he had a wonderful pedestle mostly covered with dictionary pages
Leif Hollland
botanical sculpture-lots of wonderful verticals

Cheryl Gail Toh
Her encaustic paintings are getting better and better!
Jim C. Brownnice plaster texture with photo tranfers
Brian McGuffey
plaster texture also with photo like imagery
Casey Klahn
pastels very Wolf Khan-ish, lots of vertical lines

Adrienne Adam
Smith Eliot
Surreal and dreamy
Earl Olsen
Whidbey Favorite...very painterly. Olsen has a wonderful eye for madrone and light on sculpture

Sasha Samuels
WillyWare Jewelry
transforms silicon valley salvaged materials
Laurie MacAdam of Bell Canyon Calif
gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous
Pam Caidin
interesting melange of textures
Aaro Studio
new interesting works made with paper/great display
Sarah Jane Hassleracrylic
Cornelia Goldsmith
Carla M Fox
Albion Smith
Beyond words his work is so accomplished and gorgeous
Rebecca and Scott Bashara
terrific natural stone works
Valerie Mitchell Studio
wonderful mixture of stone, silver and concrete...very sophisticated
Birgit Kupke
always fantastic!
Elizabeth Haughton a Whidbey and personal fave

Conspicuously absent were Cathy Rose, and the jewelers from Twisp!


Anonymous said...

hey daniella!
thanks for linking to my website. i took the opportunity to look at your website. i love your encaustics!!! they are so lush & layered-looking. one thing that crossed my mind while i was looking at them was tom phillip's work --"a humument" your work doesn't look like his, but there's some resonance there. anyhow, very beautiful!!
so glad i got the chance to meet you! take care,
smith eliot

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for the nice comments. You certainly did a thorough look at the fair!