Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Polar Bear Dive on Whidbey

We all run in.
Happy girl.
As tradition dictates, Kathy and I return a second round.
Are we not Butch?

It's the fourth Annual Polar Bear Dive on Whidbey Island at Double Bluff. Thanks to friends Ann, Carol, Jo, Kathy, Cindy and Karen, this is my second. And introducing my neighbor John, his first. I must say it's so exhilarating, and the best way you can start the new year. Compared to last year, the sound was calm, and the weather balmy! If this isn't enough, here's a slideshow of more. Here are some listings for more Polar Bear Clubs near you. Later this year, if all goes according to plan,we'll all be jumping into Lake Washington together! Happy Healthy Prosperous and Creative New Year to you all!

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Kim Tyler said...

What fun, but brrrrrrrr!!!!! So glad to see John's sweet face in this set of slides!