Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wedges and Use it and Loose it

unpainted wedges 48" x 8" x 4"

The newest and most exciting project I am working on, are Wedges, Ramps Door Stoppers. I wish I had a better name for them. These are soon to become sculptural paintings. These forms are so versatile-they can be hung vertically, horizontally, in space. During open studios, I told my builder neighbor, Chris Young, of Bird and Bee Builders, that I wanted to "scale up" my stripe series of paintings. Et, voila he began to build these forms for me. I have 6 mounted at my current show at Mount Madonna, which I'll photograph shortly and post.

I have so many treasures tucked away in the studio that I have long since forgotten.
I've been having this notion again of USE IT and LOOSE IT, maybe it's a New Year thing. Cleaning out and using what I already have. How Green and Sustainable of me?
I could start at one drawer, use its contents for art material, then on to the the next drawer, till all of it was gone! Things I've long forgotten, like that paper I made in Bonnie's class two years ago. There is probably enough here, stashed away to last this lifetime!

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Linda Womack said...

I love the new forms and the thought of using everything -- drawer by drawer. Of course then you might want to use the drawers themselves! Why not? :) Take care, Linda Womack