Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Rydell Fellowship for 2008-09

I received a call this afternoon from Project Director Jack Walsh that I have been awarded the Rydell Fellowship! I am weak in the knees! How sweet it is. Here's the site listing at the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz.
I do know that there will be a Public Presentation at the Museum of Art and History to announce the awards on March 26 from 6-8pm.
What a huge honor this is for me. I am so lucky to be in such esteemed company, following in the footsteps of Rob Larson, an artist whom I admire oh so much.


Linda Womack said...

WOW Daniella, congratulations! I'm so happy that all of your hard work and creativity has paid off. Imagine what you will be able to create! I'm looking forward to it. Take care, Linda Womack

Anonymous said...

Daniella. How wonderful and exciting. People who see your work recognize the depth of your talent and are (correctly) in awe. I've been awe-struck for some time, and am very smug to be able to tell people that Daniella and I are like this (show thumb and finger together). How cool! Like, totally. Yeah, WOW!

Rashmi said...

Congratulations! Thats great news. You deserve it every bit.


Unknown said...

Congratulations Daniella!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a well-deserved award! What fantastic news. We here in berkeley are all suitably impressed! XO Kate, Phil, Gabe and Milo

Gwendolyn Plunkett said...

Congratulations from Texas/Houston.
I'm impressed!