Saturday, March 08, 2008

Tea-The Genesis of an Idea

Yesterday I visited Lynn Mizono. As usual, we have a gazillion things we need to tell each other about...artists, restaurants, vietnamese markets, traveling, what show we saw. I get the feeling we could blah blah for days without stopping. During this fabulous time, she brewed me a lovely tea in sensational packaging. I immediately rushed to Star Store Basics to get some of these little gems, and am off to the races, with ideas for an installation or wall pieces out of these units. I've constructed a few here, and think they would be grand with my notes, lists or journaling. I wish I could thank Roy and Frances Rydell in person, for making all this possible, this amazing freedom they have given me to create without boundaries.


latoscana said...

To create without boundaries!
I am so glad for you and what this all means..Enjoy it, savor it and make the best art ever!
Much love

Dana and Daisy said...

One of my college professors once said, "The difference between a creative thinker and non-creative thinker is the creative one is in touch with his environment." Tea bag = Installation of new work. That is pretty creative!

Congratulations on your fellowship. I'm a new reader, I'll check back often!

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