Thursday, January 22, 2009

Encaustic-Textile Playday

I'll be teaching an Encaustic Workshop for Textile and Fiber artists at the SDA conference in May. I thought I'd do a fun run at the studio and to see what people liked to work with, their reactions, and just what would happen when these artists married fiber and wax. Each time I've presented this, the results have been surprising and inspiring. Everyone had a great time, they all did amazing work, and basically, I had to kick them out of the studio! Wendy said, "Doncha hate that when you get a knot in your thread"? Susan's reply, "Welcome to my world"! I can't wait to do this with 12 people. The synergy of the group is sure to blow the roof off the KCAI!

Wendy applies india ink to her waxed burned silk organza, prayer flag piece

Debbie Wambaugh applies wax to her layered complex cloth

Susan Else with her painted water and sculptural fabric stones
Debbie Wambaugh's heat set polyester work, waxed

Judy Stabile works on a variety of dipped fibers; a nest of possibilities

They are so quiet, and just can't get enough!

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painting with fire said...

Wow! Those few images are giving me all sorts of ideas. Inspiring and fascinating!