Thursday, March 19, 2009

High Fiber Harvesting

Happily I was accepted into the Conrad Wilde paper show for the summer, entitled High Fiber. Today I went to WAIF, one of my favorite thrift stores on Whidbey, which benefits animals. I met the most handsome Collie Pit Bull mix, named Ford, because sometimes he works. I bought up all the pattern papers they had. I realized that I thoroughly enjoy the harvesting process. Taking the pattern tissue out of their envelopes, and separating the instructions from the tissue. Ah, I am recycling, benefiting animals, and repurposing materials.
Tea, tea tabs, empty teabags, and slices of the tea bags
Earlier this week, I harvested several bags of teabags thoughtfully gathered from Lynn Mizono. I removed and composted the tea, and ended up with many inches for the Paper Invitational here on Whidbey for June at Museo gallery. I love the process.

Favorite quotes from the Sue Bender Book, Plain and Simple, A Woman's Journey to the Amish.Recycling on a grand scale at our "transfer station"
Surprised that I just bought these woven rice bag Keens?

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