Sunday, November 01, 2009

Korea-all sewn up

sewn strips of memories 2" x 32'
We are home, and are missing all the wonders of Korea. I've been experimenting with making that delicious deep flavored soup we had at the Lotte upstairs restaurant. It's good, but not even close or as rich as that broth. Kim and I are ready for a trip to local Korean markets, Ranch 99 in search of more hot chili paste, fresh kim chee, and pickled daikon radish.
It has been interesting to see how each of us chose to catalogue/chronicle our trips. Kim wrote about it in her terrific BLOG, Her Secret Garden. Wendy and Judy made fabulous scrapbooks/journals, on which they would work at the end of every day. I am jonzing to xerox their marvelous creations. I did not chronicle visually in any kind of linear fashion. I did write my daily morning pages.
makeshift studio in our Seoul apartment
I made a makeshift studio in our Seoul apartment, hand shredding bits of the days discoveries and gluing them onto strips like the drywall tape of which I am so fond. I looked for and never found any drywall tape in Seoul, but cut up long strips of papers to about that familiar 2 inch width. I came home with many glued up strips, and continued the process in the last few days, nursing my jetlag with gluing and sewing these strips.

paper memories about to be shred
glued strips waiting to get sewn
sewing strips of memories
Today I completed 5 strips of this memorabilia from Korea that are 32 feet long. Just long enough for the 3 story stairwell at the Museum of Art and History, where they will be a part of my Rydell Fellowship Exhibition, which opens December 19.5 sewn strips 32 feet long


barb cabot said...

I'm catching up on everything in bits daily. Wonderful the way each of you kept journals of the trip. It gives a full pictures by seeing everyones point of view.

Marcella Brown said...

you just gave me a nice idea. a recipe per day. like a journal of food...

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